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The Story So Far

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The Story So Far

Post by Oswald on Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:18 pm

It's never been easy. Light and Darkness forever entangled in an unending war. Someone had to interfere...The Anomaly was born.

Across the dimensions, there have been legends of Wielders of the fabled Keyblade. These Wielders are known as Keyblade Masters and only the pure of heart could manage their true power. Some have been training for years, honing their skills with a mentor. Others have had their natural ability guide them through to fight off the darkness. While some fought for the Light, so many others embraced the Darkness. The amount of Keyblade Masters arising in each universe caused a disturbance in the void between dimensions. The void gave birth to The Anomaly.

The Anomaly is a being of both Light and Darkness, influenced by that of which is more powerful in his own dimension. His heart was torn, was he to kill or create? Was he to love or hate? Finally, he realized throughout his wandering, this was not just fate. He could make his decision off of the heart of others. The Void was his home, it was his power. His power then flowed throughout his body and a portal was forming to other dimensions. The gateways to other dimensions was now open to him...but he could not just travel there. He was locked in his own...but...he could bring others to him.

A black hole opened in every dimension. The Anomaly needed to find his purpose. Worlds upon worlds were being sucked into the black hole, leading to his Dimension. Keyblade Masters from every dimension began to pour in with many different worlds alongside them. This was fantastic! The Anomaly could finally become whole! But...there was something off. There was both Light and Darkness in his dimension almost balanced on either side. This simply would not suffice! The Anomaly Declared a war between the Darkness and Light in his dimension. But why would the Keyblade Masters fight one another and not try and return home? Simple. The Anomaly will not let them leave without a winner. The Battle of Light and Darkness ends here, in the Torn Dimension.

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