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Forum Rules

Post by Oswald on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:29 pm

Hello, this is Jack Alden

These are a few Simple Rules to follow while you are here.

~~~~~~~~General Rules~~~~~~~~

1.   This site is based on an Alternate Universe (AU) of Kingdom Hearts. As such, main characters from the universe do not exist and their characters will not be approved in anyway.

2.   You are able to create up to two characters, a primary and a secondary. Having any more will result in the deletion of the most currently made character.

3.   Both applications, character and weapon respectfully, must be approved by a Staff member before you are allowed to post in the RP sections of the forums. Any posts made before the process is complete will result in the post/topic being deleted at once.

~~~~~~~~OOC Conduct~~~~~~~~

1.   This site abides by a chain of command which must be followed by all members. At the top are the Admins, followed by the Moderators, and with members on the bottom. Once someone has made a decision, that decision is final unless someone of equal or higher power challenges it. If you wish for a result to be double checked, notify someone with higher authority.

2.   Disrespect towards members and staff alike will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun, and its best you keep that in mind. Anyone that continues to harass or bully a member will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. If a problem does arise without the eyes of staff watching, please feel free to save the offensive text anyway possible to give to a Staff Member.

3.   As above, any excessive swearing towards a member/staff or any threats of any kind in an OOC environment is strictly prohibited.

4.    Members are not allowed to post, comment, or make any suggestions inside another members application. Only Staff members are allowed to approve and handle applications.

~~~~~~~~Character Conduct~~~~~~~~

1.   All members are required to post in THIRD person. Any other form of writing will result in the post being void.

2.   Be Aware that, as an AU site, although we do not have canon characters, we still have canon rules. All Kingdom Hearts mechanics will be exercised here. Magic you use will be limited within your Magic Range, Defense determines your overall Health, Weapon Skill determines your Strength. So Rp within the limits of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

3.   There will be no god modding, autohitting, or meta-gaming allowed here. All fights will be monitored one way or another by Staff to prevent it from happening. Multiple attempts at trying to get by with either of the three will result in banning depending on the situation.

4.   Its important that you stay in character at all times in the RP sections of the forums. We require applications just for this reason. Changing your characters personality once approved is not allowed.

5.   To be involved in another persons history, You must first ask permission from the person. Once accepted, you are then required to notify an Staff member that it is allowed by the person.

6.   People are going to die in the Rp. Unlike most sites, a member does NOT have to ask permission to kill you. A kill does however have to be approved by an admin. If you have killed a player IC, be sure to notify and admin about the kill.

~~~~~~~~Posting Conduct~~~~~~~~

1.   Posting order is required for All topics and is the job of either the Topic Starter or the person entering the topic to keep track of its change.

2.   You only have 48 hours to respond to a fighting topic before forfeiting your turn. This is so people will take them seriously. Becoming absent when you are in a PLOT fighting topic forfeits the topic, you will not die but will be "beaten" by your opponent. How you are beaten will be determined by a staff member. If you are involved in a non combative topic, You have two days (48 hours) to post a reply once it is your turn in the posting order. If you fail to make your post your turn will be skipped and it is acted as if you did nothing or had no response.

3.   You must post a leaving tag at the bottom of your post if you desire to leave the topic. A leaving tag can be either LEAVING or EXIT surrounded by brackets or quotations. Leaving a fight topic takes a one post preparation time when summoning exit portals or able to outrun your opponent.

And that should about do it for the rules. Thank you! I hope you have fun out there.

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