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Masteries and EXP

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Masteries and EXP

Post by Oswald on Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:03 pm

How Masteries Work

Here at Kingdom Hearts: Dimensional War, we use a modified Mastery System that determines how skilled characters are in the IC environment. This system is in place to answer the questions regarding skill compared to other characters and should be acted out accordingly. Keep in mind however, these Masteries only affect skill, strategy is not hindered by these stats in the slightest. This system is only in place to answer the question "I am better than my opponent in (insert Mastery here)" or " My opponent is better than me in (insert Mastery here)". The Masteries are divided into 3 parts; Stamina, Strength, and Magic. Each part is further divided into 5 degrees of skill; Master, Expert, Average, Beginner, and Untrained. Each degree of power has positive and negative effects based on how advanced the skill is.

~The Three Masteries~


Stamina is for overall HP and how long you will last in battle. You will be able to make more frequent attacks in battle without becoming tired the higher your Stamina Mastery is. You will also be able to take more hits in battle if this Mastery is higher. The lower this Mastery, you will become fatigued quicker and have a higher chance of falling in battle. Stamina will also let you use higher ranking attacks in battle as it will use up your Stamina even further to use. Higher Stamina means Stronger Abilities to use. You can restore Stamina with Potions and the spell "Cure." Raising Stamina Further allows for "Master Form" to be used. If you proceed even further, you can ascend beyond "Master form" and into a Form unique to your character.


Strength will determine how strong your Physical Attacks are. This is crucial when you are interlocked in combat and need to overpower your opponent with pure power. Specific Abilities will require a higher Strength. Strength will deteriorate the more you use it in battle and you will need to be careful with how you use it. The high point of Strength will allow you to use multiple forms such as "Valor Form" and beyond. With Higher Strength, you are able to surpass "Valor Form" into a form Unique to your character.


Magic is your source to cast spells. Spells are a high cost but can be a great pay-out. With untrained, you will know 1 Spell at it's base. With Beginner, you will know 4 spells at their base. With Average, you will know 4 spells, with 2 at their tier 2 form. With Expert, you will know 4 with their tier 2 form. With Master, you will know 4 Spells with 2 at Tier 3 form and the others at tier 2 form. The higher tiers will take up more magic to use. With Higher Magic, you are able to access "Wisdom Form" and if you pursue it further, you gain a form unique to your character.



EXP is a big thing and you will need it to rank up in any mastery as well as purchase new spells and abilities. But, we can't start you off with nothing! So, when you register a character, you will be awarded a certain amount of EXP based on how your character is graded. You will be able to apply for a few positions. available to you. You will be able to Spend your EXP on Masteries, Spells, Abilities, and Forms in the EXP Exchange. Be sure to earn EXP through posts and training sessions! Good luck out there!

If you have any further questions, feel free to Message Me.

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