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Positions Available

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Positions Available

Post by Oswald on Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:50 pm

Welcome! You must be curious as to what positions may be available to you. Here is a list of the Positions and their responsibilities as well as the minimum amount of EXP they will start with.


Keyblade Master Mentor: (6 Available on Light. 6 Available on Dark) The Keyblade Master Mentors are the ones who will be training others in the ways of the Keyblade. Some Keyblade Master Mentors will Specialize in certain Masteries and will give an additional amount of EXP in that Mastery for the training session. Though the Mentor's main responsibility is to train others, the Mentor's also gather in a council to determine strategies against the opposing alliance. A Mentor may take on as many students as they wish, but must know they should turn students away to other mentor's if they feel the student requires a different teacher. (5000 EXP - 7000 EXP)

Keyblade Master Student: (∞ Positions on Light. ∞ Positions on Dark) A Student is just that, a Student. They will learn from their Mentors and go one of two ways, to the Light or to the Darkness. The Student is able to participate in training and can form small groups with other students they make as friends. But, because they are just students, they do not start off too experienced in their Keyblade Wielding ways and their minds are able to be molded easily. Students are never sent out alone, thus will always have a companion alongside them, usually another student. (2000 EXP - 4500 EXP)

Keyblade Master Rogue: (20 Positions on Light. 20 Positions on Dark.) Ah, the Rogue. This Keyblade Master probably left the teachings of their Mentor and went about their own journey. Maybe the Rogue started without a Mentor and gained a Keyblade through fate. This is a rare occurrence and can only happen to a select few. Mentors will normally see them as a threat because of the way the Keyblade Master gain their abilities without the proper training. The Rogues travel, usually, with their own goal in mind. Some are mercenaries. Others fight to protect. Just be sure to align yourself the right way to suit your style. Rarely will the Rogue have companions. (2000 EXP - 4500 EXP)

Keyblade Master Champion: (10 Positions on Light.) These Keyblade Masters have become one with their Keyblades. The Champions are of the Elites when it comes to the art of the Keyblade. Usually high in their Mastery Scale, the Champion can lead battles against their opposing side, usually with a few Rogues to help them along the way. Champions are natural leaders and were first introduced in the Olympus Coliseum. They stood tall amongst the strongest of the other worlds. So few can be known as Champions. (3000 EXP - 6000 EXP)

Nobody: (15 Leaders Available. ∞ Shells. Alliance is Personal Choice) A Nobody. These beings do not possess Keyblades and are shells of their former selves. The Nobody's are far and few between in this Dimension, but are formidable foes. Keyblade Masters have a hard time with these Nobody's. Though they are from different Dimensions, the Nobody's find Leaders and will do as they ask in order to find a direction in life. The Nobody's use unique weapons, but never as powerfulas the Keyblade. Luckily, the Keyblade Masters are the vulnerable ones. (Leaders: 5000 EXP. Shells: 3000 EXP)

Sentient Heartless: (10 on Dark) The Sentient Heartless are Heartless who have developed a conscious and are able to morph the Darkness within to create Dark Interpretations of the Keyblades. These are formidable Foes who can take some Keyblade Masters as Students. Though, with enough time, the Keyblade Master will become a Heartless. These beings are usually very cunning in their plans, but ultimately wish for the Darkness to Envelope all worlds. (3000 EXP - 6000 EXP)

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