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Character Creation Templates

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Character Creation Templates

Post by Oswald on Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:57 pm

-----------------------------Character Creation Template-----------------------------

Name: (What's your name?)
Alias: (Nickname, if you have one)
Age: (How old are you?)
Race: (Human/Heartless/Nobody)
Gender: (Male, Female, Trans, Etc.)
Alignment: (Light or Dark)
Rank: (Mentor, Student, Champion, Rogue, Sentient Heartless, Nobody)


Appearance: (Describe the look of your character. You may even add a picture.)

Personality: (What makes your character unique? Give ups and down. Nobody's Perfect. Min. 100 Words)


Background: (Give us a bit of detail into your character. How did they become who they are today? How did you attain your Keyblade? What worlds have you visited? How did you get there? Min. 500 words.)

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