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Abilities List

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Abilities List

Post by Oswald on Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:13 pm

~List of Abilities~

These Abilities must be purchased in EXP Exchange.

Air Combo Plus  -  Extends aerial combo attack by one step.
Berserk -  Boosts attack power when Health is critically low. Combine with a Weapon Skill for more power.
Cheer -         Increases the summons time and attacks per battle.
Combo Plus      -   Extends ground combo attack by one step.
Vortex -         Close the distance to nearby enemies with this powerful spinning attack.
Aerial Sweep   -    Leap at an airborne enemy and strike a mighty blow.
Counterattack  -    Strike back after parrying an enemy blow. Successful counterattacks restore Magic.
MP Rage -         Recover MP whenever you're hit in battle. Heavier damage restores more Magic.
Second Chance   -  Keep 1 Health even after taking a critical hit.
Blitz            -       Strike enemies ahead of you with a powerful finishing combo.
MP Haste       -      Boosts MP recovery rate in battle, allowing more spellcasting.
Sonic Blade    -     Slash an enemy while rushing past.
Strike Raid      -     Hurl the Keyblade at an enemy.
Ars Arcanum     -   A formidable attack.
Ragnarok       -     After aerial combo, unleash Ragnarok.
Trinity Limit     -    Use the party's remaining Magic to crush foes. Magic must be restored to use Spells. (With companions)

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